90 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations That Are Spooky and Fun

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Deck out your home with ghosts, zombies, witches and bats for October 31. Kitchen Chair Covers

90 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations That Are Spooky and Fun

Celebrating Halloween can easily put a dent in your wallet if you're not careful. From family costumes and spooky dinners to satisfying candy and ghoulish decor, every purchase adds up. So, as you prepare for this fangtastic season, consider saving money with Halloween crafts that double as DIY Halloween decorations. We share a range of fun ideas below, from homemade pumpkin carving ideas and festive wreaths to impressive table settings and door decor.

Your indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations can be as extravagant or simple as you'd like. Think candlesticks dripping in fake blood or floating lanterns and tombstone chair covers. As kids stop by your door to trick-or-treat, give them a scare with creative outdoor DIYs, like paper bat garlands and creepy crawler pumpkin spiders. While many of the ideas, like the googly-eyed produce and spa pumpkins, are easy for kids to join in on the crafting fun, other projects such as webbed placemats and tissue ghosts may require more time and craftsmanship.

No matter what homemade Halloween decorations you choose to add to your decor on October 31, you're sure to spook your guests. Plus, if you're amping up the scare by transforming your home into a haunted house, these ideas are guaranteed to bring on the fright.

Don't shy away from bold hues this year. Spray paint pumpkins a neon pink or bold red, then hot glue paper bats to create a unique and "batty" display.

Use a Cricut machine and 12x12 black craft paper to DIY these adorable spiderweb umbrellas for your drinks. Then, hot glue the center of the webs to skewer sticks. When the night ends, you may find a few of them missing because they're oh-so-cute!

An easy and quite silly decor idea is dressing your pumpkin in spa attire. Think cucumbers for eyes and blue paint in the center to represent their facial expression.

Use puff paint to give your pumpkins all sorts of designs. In this case, we painted the pumpkins white, then used white puff paint to draw on the leaf designs.

These snake-like garlands are made with dark RIT liquid dye and an orange party streamer roll. All it takes is sewing a basic running stitch down the center of the streamer. Keep the process going until your garland is long enough to drape over the mantel or bar cart.

This eerie pumpkin design is inspired by old cemetery headstones. Start by carving out our headstone template onto a tall, dark pumpkin. After adding lights, you can place your new headstone in the yard, porch or lawn.

To create this stunning look, pick out a fresh pumpkin, wipe away the dirt and clean it with a water and vinegar spray mixture.

Blogger Holly created this colorful pillow design using felt and a sugar skull printout. You'll also need fabric glue to attach the felt sheets and dimensional paint.

Get the tutorial at Club Crafted »

This decoration doubles as an easy way for kids to take their treats. Create a hole at the bottom of the pumpkin and scoop out the guts inside. Carve out a hole in the pumpkin's front, before painting the entire pumpkin black and filling it with delicious candy that trick-or-treaters will want to eat.

Light up the night with these crafty paper lanterns. We have various designs to choose from, including mummies, spiders and full moons.

After carving these designs, place them on your tables and mantels.

One of the easiest of these ideas, these pumpkins only require one thing to make them pop: eye masks!

Carve these cool candle designs on your tall squashes. After cutting a round opening from the bottom of the pumpkin, scoop out the insides. Download and trace this candlestick template with washable chalk markers. As the final touch, cut along the template and place your new candlesticks over string lights.

After DIYing these paper haunted house cut-outs, place flameless tea lights inside to evoke that spooky glow when the lights are dim.

Get the tutorial at Hey Let's Make Stuff »

Illuminate your space with these glowing flames. Find various pumpkins in all sizes, then download, trace and carve out this flame template. Cut the pumpkin's opening out from the bottom to place the tealights inside.

You likely have everything you need in the house already to create these stylish pumpkins. Once you gather your tools, begin by folding cupcake liners in half. Starting at the top of the pumpkin, attach a matte black folded cupcake liner as close to the stem as you can with double stick tape. Overlap liners slightly as you fill a vertical line into the bottom. Using the metallic folder liners, make another vertical row being sure to overlap slightly to get a nice textured look making sure the rounded edges are what show. Repeat steps until you completely cover your pumpkin.

Make your own potions and turn your home into a magical witch's cottage. Fill a glass bottle (you can even reuse an old candle jar) with fake bloody fingers or use foods like gummy candies and beef jerky to create the appearance of severed body parts. Use a funnel to pour water, food coloring and glitter into the jars, so the creepy parts float around.

Let's put a spin on traditional pumpkin carving — cut out an oval shape in the front of your pumpkin instead of carving out the top. Scrape out the seeds and pulp. Spray paint the entire pumpkin black (be careful around the stem). Then, use an awl tool to punch holes around the edge of the opening. Thread string through the holes to create a web. Finish your creepy pumpkin by hot gluing a plastic spider to the web.

Give your home a haunted makeover with this simple DIY. Use bright red candlesticks in matte black candle holders, and then add drips of red hot glue to resemble dripping blood.

Instantly add some drama to your space by spray painting branches of dried baby’s breath black and using them as your centerpiece.

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90 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations That Are Spooky and Fun

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